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For the past 35 years Epsilon Gamma Iota, Inc. has dedicated itself to the advancement and betterment of global impact through the scholarship and service of students in the fields of engineering, engineering technology, computer science, and architecture.

It is with great esteem we announce the Epsilon Gamma Iota Alpha Chapter Scholarship Endowment Fund! Through your generous donations and a partnership with Prairie View A&M University we will be able to grant scholarships to our undergraduate members as well as undergraduates in the College of Engineering and the School of Architecture for generations to come!!!




To provide a check for $50,000 to Prairie View A&M University at the 2019 Homecoming Game which is also the 35th Anniversary of Epsilon Gamma Iota!!! PVAMU will match at every $25,000 mark. This means every time our total giving amount reaches an increment of $25,000, the university will add $25,000 to the account!!!

Here’s how it works.

Every dollar that you give goes towards scholarships for students in the College of Engineering and the School of Architecture, with a preference for undergraduate members of Epsilon Gamma Iota, Inc. Additionally, it helps those of us who need to give charitable donations for tax purposes AND it aligns with your companies matching programs. Simply click this link , choose the Epsilon Gamma Iota Alpha Chapter Scholarship Endowment icon (Our Shield) and designate the amount you would like to give. The National Organization of Epsilon Gamma Iota will provide special gifts for those who give a minimum of $1000.





Prairie View A&M University’s fiscal year is November-August. This means you can give twice, for 2018 tax deductions and 2019 tax deductions and it will count both times towards the endowment fund drive which runs from Dec. 2018-Aug. 2019.

December 30th 2018

If you still need charitable donations for 2018 to write off on the taxes you will file next year, give by this date! Your gift will count towards your taxes for 2018 and still allow your company to match if your company provides that incentive. THEN, once you give again in 2019, your company will be able to match again and you will get another write off. It’s important to note that if you still need to give in 2018, that you do so by this deadline.

August 31st 2019

This is the official cut off for the endowment fund drive for the 35th anniversary. Please make sure all gifts are made, and all company matching information in completed by date.







Why am I being asked to give twice?

The fiscal year for Prairie View A&M University is from November to August. This allows you to give twice (and receive company matching if applicable) and have your gifts count for two tax periods. For example, a gift in December 2018 and a gift in February 2019, will count towards your 2018 and 2019 tax deductions, PLUS both gifts count towards our initial goal of raising $25,000 for the Endowment Fund for the 2019 fiscal year.

Are my gifts tax deductible?

Yes. 100% of your gift is tax deductible. Prairie View A&M University will provide you with a receipt on PVAMU stationary.

How do I set up company matching?

Once you have made your donation, LaShonda Williams, Director of PVAMU’s Annual Fund, will work with you to complete company matching paperwork. Her email address is and her number is 936-261-1591.

Will I receive special recognition for giving?

Yes. Prairie View recognizes all gifts at $250 and up. Epsilon Gamma Iota, Inc. will recognize every gift at $1000 and up. Anyone who gives at the $1000 level or above is asked to send an copy of their gift receipt to

Who is responsible for the money I am giving?

Prairie View A&M University is the holding entity for your gifts/donations. Your money goes directly to the university.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have additional questions or need clarification on ANYTHING please contact John Nicklos II, Epsilon Gamma Iota, Inc. National Director at 832.816.7622 via phone or text. You can also email him at

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